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We are a creative communication agency, helping you to tell your story simply, in one clear voice over Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Well, that's us. How about you? If you would like to know how our expertise could help your organization, then don't hesitate to get in touch. Email us: hello@brandbakbak.com or Call Kasana +91 8826 2211 99 over few cups of coffee at your office.

Client-Amila Finishing Lounge

Amila-Finishing Lounge for Women is one and only institute in India which offers pre-marriage and life management courses for women. As it was the first institute of its kind and courses were quite new to Indian consumer, we carefully developed the marketing strategy. We were able to convince the client to invest more in online marketing via social media platforms. After many rounds of one to one meeting with the client, our team understood the possible market. Then our team had to get into the shoes of Indian women to understand the fear & challenges they see in life after marriage. After all homework, First task at hand was to educate possible consumers about such courses and Institute. So our content writers and designers developed the content by keeping this fact in consideration. Which proved quite effective with high return on Investment.


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Client-Sarvodaya Hospitals

Sarvodaya hospital and research center is not only top hospitals in Delhi NCR but also best super specialty hospital in India. Since 25 years they have been providing one of the best healthcare facilities. With the rise of the medical tourism sector in India, Our client also wanted to revamp their image to attract global[…] Continue Reading

Client-Vakya Books

Client-Vakya Books

Vakya books is a very known name in the publishing world, they have brought many interesting stories to its readers. Brand Identity Our client had been publishing books for many years. But in the recent years publishing industry is experiencing major changes in readers behavior. This has mainly been due to the phenomenal success of[…] Continue Reading

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