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We are a creative communication agency, helping you to tell your story simply, in one clear voice over Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. Well, that's us. How about you? If you would like to know how our expertise could help your organization, then don't hesitate to get in touch. Email us: hello@brandbakbak.com or Call Kasana +91 8826 2211 99 over few cups of coffee at your office.

Client-Sarvodaya Hospitals

Sarvodaya hospital and research center is not only top hospitals in Delhi NCR but also best super specialty hospital in India. Since 25 years they have been providing one of the best healthcare facilities. With the rise of the medical tourism sector in India, Our client also wanted to revamp their image to attract global clients. And their social media has to play a very big role. Sitting a thousand miles from India, any foreign national’s first point of connection is social media. And social media greatly influence their decision making.

So we sat down with them to understand the details of medical tourism and experience of foreign nationals. Based on this we designed a campaign for our clients. Which immensely helped them to attract many clients from Middle East, Africa along with south Asian countries.

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