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Client-Vakya Books

Vakya books is a very known name in the publishing world, they have brought many interesting stories to its readers.

Brand Identity

Our client had been publishing books for many years. But in the recent years publishing industry is experiencing major changes in readers behavior. This has mainly been due to the phenomenal success of the devices upon which we read e-books. Publishers around the world felt the need for ebook publishing and so does our client. Keeping the storytelling legacy of the client and their upcoming transition into the digital world, we had to make a connection between both ends.
So from the start, we knew what we want to see in vakya book’s visual identity. Considering all these inputs we come up with few options to our clients. And with further improvements, we had this brand identity.

Vivid colors in peacock’s wing with digital marks on them are being appreciated in the publishing community.

It was a pleasure working with Brand Bak Bak. They’re absolute professionals and very focused on their work. I liked the creativity and the way they put themselves in clients’ shoes to understand the requirements. We wish them all the best in life ahead. ”


Co-Founder, Vakya Books


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