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Client-Famous House of Sandwiches

As their name suggests FHOS is primarily into sandwiches.

A challenging product

In food and beverages, market sandwiches were a challenge and opportunity. Challenging part of the marketing strategy was the fact that in comparison to burgers and pizzas, sandwiches are less popular among Indian consumers. Which also provided us the opportunity to build the strategy on the same as we could see the potential in the variety of sandwiches by our client. These sandwiches with about six types of bread were quite new to Indian consumers. In the initial phase of marketing campaign, our client wanted to target the consumer in their vicinity.

Brand Strategy

We created a visual identity and campaign on social media to target local area. While the content was mainly focused on educating the consumers about the product on the other hand design approach was indirect. The first need of the job was to have a good customer base on social media platforms such as Facebook. Through planned content strategy and design we were able to place the product in the healthy food category.

Launched in June 2016, the brand identity is already building trust in the desired market. Sale and business are growing and showing a lot of promises in coming days.

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